IT Shows in Action: Case Studies

IT Shows provides USAID with management, administrative, evaluation, and strategic program design services that create, build, and strengthen the capacity of programs in developing countries.

With nearly two decades of experience, our team of international development experts is well-versed in managing, procuring, and recruiting for all project tasks.

Following are a handful of Case Studies that will offer insight into the approach, and effective solutions, we have provided to help our clients deal with the important issues they are facing.

Scroll down for case study information about our work in:

  • Research & Communication
  • Evaluation & Analysis
  • HMIS & Capacity Building
  • Conference & Logistics Solutions

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Case Study: Research & Communication

The Problem: The rates of new HIV infections had been growing at a rapid rate in Russia.

The Challenge: Our client wanted to address the problem through advocacy building and communication. The youths of the country were the target group, and the goal was to educate them about how to avoid HIV through positive messages and multiple channels of communication.

The Assignment: IT Shows was asked to assess the possibility of reaching this target group by reaching out them on the Internet. We conducted a thorough assessment of the situation, and discovered that the majority of Internet users (78 percent) in the country fell into the age range of 18-32.

The Solution: IT Shows provided assistance in the conceptualization, design, and development of a web-based communication program.

The Benefit: The client was able to reach large numbers of the target population by spreading its educational messages through the most popular Internet sites in the country.

Case Study: Evaluation & Analysis

The Problem: A client was in the process of conducting a comprehensive program and needed to assess the results of its work to determine if any aspects needed to be improved on or changed.

The Challenge: Due to time constraints, the program required its highly experienced team to be briefed on the assessment within a very short time frame.

The Assignment: IT Shows was tasked with conducting extensive evaluation of the program within the required timetable.

The Solution: IT Shows was able to put together a solid team of experts to conduct the extensive evaluation. The team was able to identify gaps in the existing program and make recommendations for the redesign of the new project activity.

The Benefit: The client received timely feedback about the program in a final report and was then able to fast-track project design and development within the desired timetable. Implementation began on schedule.

Case Study: HMIS & Capacity Building

The Problem: A Ministry of Health was experiencing a backlog because its weekly, monthly, and annual reports were being manually input into a health-management information system.

The Challenge: To further complicate matters, the reports were processed and delivered in different forms—some via fax, and others by hand or snail mail. Plus, the data was being stored in individual PCs and disparate computer applications. Each office used different applications depending on the department inputting the data.

The Solution: IT Shows built a robust Health Management Information System for the client, which enabled employees to collect, analyze, and store data. The HMIS has become one of the most advanced systems used in the industry, with online capabilities in data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting.

The Benefit: The client realized extensive cost savings, efficiency, and timeliness in meeting its reporting requirements. Not only have the reporting methods used by the information service personnel improved, but the quality of the data has become more uniformly reliable, and the staff has increased its skills and knowledge. The new system also enables senior decision makers to review, analyze, and use the information without leaving their desks.

Case Study: Conference & Logistics Solutions

The Challenge: A federal client wanted to provide the latest information and research results from key industry partners to a conference involving more than 120 participants. Conference attendees represented about 30 companies from five continents—Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America.

The Assignment: IT Shows was asked to plan, organize, and execute a major conference on lessons learned.

The Solution: IT Shows planned, organized, and executed the goals of the conference organizers. In addition to conference planning, logistics, and on-site support, IT Shows staff members transcribed, documented, and recorded in various media the entire proceedings of the conference.

The Benefit: The client received solid documentation of lessons learned from all of its industry partners—on time and as needed. The conference proceedings were also captured in various forms of media for further analysis by the client.