Country Experience

IT Shows works in countries throughout the world. Among the services that IT Shows provides to USAID are management, administration, evaluation, program design, and strategy.

Our comprehensive services include wide-ranging activities that directly support the day-to-day technical and administrative support required.

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Field Experience: Kenya

For USAID/Kenya, IT Shows has implemented a number of project activities. Among the most notable are the Assessment and Strategy Development for USAID/Kenya and its follow-on program, Technical Assistance to Health Implementation Framework in Kenya.

As part of a model strategy for a Global Health Initiative (GHI) country replicated elsewhere, we evaluated the mission’s health portfolio, particularly the appropriateness of the then-current one, including the regional and national programs. In addition to making recommendations regarding technical, managerial, and programmatic aspects to consider in future programs, we assisted in the development of Kenya’s overall health-sector strategy.

Specifically, IT Shows experts researched key successes and constraints, assessed then-current program components, developed results frameworks, designed schematics of components for the new program/portfolio, and provided descriptions of how schematic components would support achievement of the results.

Field Experience: Ghana

In Ghana, IT Shows supported the USAID/West Africa New Health Project Design Activity. Drawing on international literature and experience, IT Shows assisted in the design of USAID and conducted a preliminary stakeholder workshop in Accra, serving as facilitator for key sessions of the workshop.

The IT Shows team coordinated with numerous organizations and implementers of HIV/AID projects to gather additional information on existing activities, partner relationships, and ways in which planning could enhance the design process of future HIV/AID projects.

Field Experience: Albania

At the request of the USAID mission in Albania, IT Shows coordinated and participated in the mission health strategy and current portfolio. Our team of experts met with officials of USAID, the Albanian government, the implementing partners, as well as other donors, and we reviewed program activities in three prefectures.

The resulting document assisted not only the USAID/Albania mission, but also the World Bank in designing its next health loan, and the then-newly-elected government of Albania in laying out its priorities in health.

Field Experience: Georgia

IT Shows provided organizational development and health specialists to conduct a mid-term assessment of USAID/Georgia’s Cooperation in Health System Transformation project, known as CoReform.

The purpose of the assignment was to assess the effectiveness, accomplishments, and impacts of CoReform activities in Georgia. A secondary purpose was to analyze how and whether these activities (a) built on the network of USAID-funded health projects, and (b) contributed to the wider accomplishments that other donors and the government of Georgia are striving to achieve in the health-care sector.

Field Experience: Sudan

For the USAID-funded Evaluation of Sudan Health Transformation Project (SHTP), a $40-million cooperative Agreement, IT Shows assessed and analyzed performance results, collected additional data, evaluated data, and produced and published recommendations to assist in the review of SHTP.

In addition, IT Shows experts assessed the project approach in the context of high impact, to determine whether or not this is the best model for the Ministry of Health’s existing sector priorities, policies, and strategies.

The Assessment involved complex logistical support, allowing USAID’s senior officials, expert evaluators, and government of South Sudan officials to travel to remote areas.

Field Experience: Uganda

In the Boosting Capacity of Uganda Organizations Project (ACE), IT Shows helped to improve data collection, compilation, and reporting at all levels of the Ministry of Health. We also improved the Ministry’s interactive website for health data using the national web-enabled system.

The system was rolled out to 25 districts in Uganda with a plan for the system eventually to be available countrywide. In addition to its work with the Ministry of Health, IT Shows also provided technical assistance in strengthening the capacity of another five Ugandan non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Field Experience: Russia

USAID/Russia reached out to IT Shows to conduct information and communication design, as well as development and quality assurance, for a complex portal intended to provide information, education, and communication (IEC) and advocacy in the public health sector of Russia. IT Shows’ knowledge and experience in working with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) allowed the mission to acquire expertise through the project.

The technical assistance that IT Shows provided to the USAID mission included conducting a technology assessment of IT service providers, software and web development firms, and programmers in coordination with key stakeholders. In addition, IT Shows conducted background research and analysis, and provided support to facilitate design of a health communication portal that was part of a $25 million cooperative agreement supported by USAID/Russia.