Our Services

IT Shows has extensive information technology, management, administrative, and analytic support expertise in both international and domestic programs.

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  • International Development Services
  • Strategic Evaluation Services
  • Contract Management Services
  • Information & Communication Services
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Conference & Training Logistics Services

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International Development

IT Shows has strong project management experience to support complex development projects. We understand the complexity of multiple stakeholders, and our approach ensures maximum collaborative spirit throughout the project performance period.

Our services include:

  • Supportive Corporate Management and Personnel Resources. In a typical project, an activity manager is assigned to ensure that our experts are provided the necessary support.
  • Organizational Structure to Meet Customer Needs. Customer responsiveness is our hallmark. The IT Shows “team” organizational structure is rooted in maximum corporate oversight. The corporate supervisor maintains regular consultation with the client and ensures assignments are carried out smoothly and on schedule.
  • Knowledge of Government Travel and Reimbursement Rules. Our staff and travel agency are familiar with government travel and disbursement rules and regulations.

Contract Management

IT Shows has extensive project management and logistics support experience.

We collaborate with leading international development organizations, private voluntary organizations (PVOs), and universities, as well as specialized family planning, HIV/AIDS, and other reproductive health institutions to leverage support of international health program management goals.

Our project management expertise includes:

  • Applying our strong experience in government project development, management, and support
  • Conducting benchmarking with other similar programs
  • Assessing various options available to clients
  • Developing strategies that suit the specific requirement
  • Devising the best training, testing, and evaluation mechanisms
  • Establishing monitoring and evaluation procedures

Information & Communication Technologies

IT Shows specializes in the application of information and communication technology (ICT) to support development projects and programs. IT Shows has extensive international experience in the field, especially with development programs. Our specific core competencies include:

  • Providing technical assistance on ICT requirements, analyses, and systems development
  • Information and communication assessments, evaluation. and capacity building
  • Web, Internet, information systems and database design and development
  • Technical assistance to the field on communication and information systems
  • Design, implementation, and evaluation of management information systems
  • IT systems and connectivity analysis, evaluation, and assessments
  • Internet and web-based communication strategy development

We have significant experience supporting programs with assessment, evaluation, and application of ICT to project activities. Similarly, we conduct technical workshops on information and communication technologies for clients.

Our team includes staff with field experience:

  • Working with counterpart institutions such as Ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private sector, etc.
  • Conference/meeting planning, administrative, and team building experience
  • Web and Internet communication
  • Strong teamwork and knowledge of USAID systems and organization

Administrative Support

IT Shows offers administrative support services with specific experience in the areas of:

  • Surveys, interviews, and focus groups
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities
  • Report writing
  • Translation
  • Meeting and conference on-site support

Logistics: Conferences & Trainings

IT Shows offers logistical, training, and conference facilitation support. We offer experience in the areas of:

  • Consultant logistics support
  • Airfare
  • Hotel reservations
  • Expense tracking
  • Transportation
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities
  • Report writing
  • Meeting and event planning
  • Translation and conference logistics
  • Meeting and conference on-site support