Our Mission

IT Shows builds the capacity of developing countries through innovative services and solutions. We provide technical, management, administrative, evaluation, and strategic program design services that create, build, and strengthen the capacity of programs in developing countries. 

With nearly two decades of experience, our team of international development experts is well-versed in managing, procuring, and recruiting for all project tasks. Here’s how: 

  • For each project we are engaged in, we assign capable project supervisors and administrative support. IT Shows leverages the latest communication technologies and facilitates support for global prevention programs. 
  • Our core capabilities include the use of web-based applications, virtual conferencing, and cutting-edge communications tools. 
  • Our staff has extensive experience in performance-based contract management, with particular expertise implementing international health programs involving HIV/AIDS/STDs, family planning, and other reproductive health programs.

Our approach: We pride ourselves in developing creative solutions that result in rapid change. The key to our success is building highly collaborative relationships with the dozens of international health institutions and non-governmental organizations that have long been our clients. 

How can we help you? To learn more about our services, projects, contract vehicles, and career opportunities, we invite you to peruse our website. Give us a call so we can discuss how IT Shows can be a valuable team player for your next project.

Case Study: Research & Communication

The Problem: The rates of new HIV infections had been growing at a rapid rate in Russia.

The Challenge: Our client wanted to address the problem through advocacy building and communication. The youths of the country were the target group, and the goal was to educate them about how to avoid HIV through positive messages and multiple channels of communication.

The Assignment: IT Shows was asked to assess the possibility of reaching this target group by reaching out them on the Internet. We conducted a thorough assessment of the situation, and discovered that the majority of Internet users (78 percent) in the country fell into the age range of 18-32.

The Solution: IT Shows provided assistance in the conceptualization, design, and development of a web-based communication program.

The Benefit: The client was able to reach large numbers of the target population by spreading its educational messages through the most popular Internet sites in the country.

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Field Experience: Kenya

For USAID/Kenya, IT Shows has implemented a number of project activities. Among the most notable are the Assessment and Strategy Development for USAID/Kenya and its follow-on program, Technical Assistance to Health Implementation Framework in Kenya.

As part of a model strategy for a Global Health Initiative (GHI) country replicated elsewhere, we evaluated the mission’s health portfolio, particularly the appropriateness of the then-current one, including the regional and national programs. In addition to making recommendations regarding technical, managerial, and programmatic aspects to consider in future programs, we assisted in the development of Kenya’s overall health-sector strategy.

Specifically, IT Shows experts researched key successes and constraints, assessed then-current program components, developed results frameworks, designed schematics of components for the new program/portfolio, and provided descriptions of how schematic components would support achievement of the results.

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